Thursday Mar 23, 2023


What is the future of digital art? Josh Baer sat down with Beeple for the first episode of The Baer Faxt Podcast during the opening of his immersive new B.20 museum in Charleston, South Carolina earlier this month to ask him how his vision for the future of digital art and NFTs has changed since we first spoke in November 2021.


Before catching up with Beeple at his B.20 opening, we revisit our prior conversation, when we sat down at The Bass museum during Miami Art Week to talk about his rise to prominence in the art world and the beginnings of the NFT community.


At that time, he had just sold the hybrid digital sculpture Human One (2021) at Christie’s for nearly $30 million. This week, the dynamic, first-of-its-kind artwork is on view in Hong Kong at the M+ museum, while its sister work S.2122 (2023) is making its debut at Art Basel Hong Kong.


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