Thursday Jul 13, 2023

Jerry Saltz

Jerry Saltz debates Josh Baer about the value of art, why auction houses are "a pox," and how the art world got to be "the f***ing mess that it is," in this candid conversation between a Pulitzer-prize winning art critic and a veteran art advisor.


Jerry also tells about the winding career path that led to his longtime post as art critic for New York Magazine, from struggling to face his inner demons as an artist, to self-exile as a truck driver, to teaching himself to write and landing his first art critic gig at the Village Voice.


Listen as the two old friends challenge each other's viewpoints and share stories from their days coming up in New York's art world in the 1980s, including star-studded artist salons, and their meeting that led to the founding of The Baer Faxt almost 30 years ago.


"Have a listen to this podcast where I lay down the law, laugh a lot, probably make all sorts of bizarre statements, and try to tell it like it is. Forgive me for being a slow talker. (I listen to all podcasts at 2x speed). 


Be kind."


-Jerry Saltz


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