Thursday Aug 17, 2023

The Art Market Now

Curious about what's been going on with the art market? Auction results in the first half of 2023 paint a picture of a market undergoing a correction of some kind, but all may not be as it seems in the secretive world of auctions.


In this midyear review episode, our President Luyang Jiang asks veteran art advisor (and TBF founder) Josh Baer: Is the art market going through a slowdown, a major correction, or not?


Josh explains how one collector can make or break a market, and compares our current market environment with past hiccups. Listen as he shares his experiences living through the art market's only real crash in the early 90s, when he closed his gallery.


Josh also reveals market insights behind recent art business news like Frieze art fair's acquisition of competitor fairs EXPO Chicago and New York's Armory Show, plus his recent travels throughout Asia, and even the Barbie movie.

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